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Red Eyeshadow


Red EyeshadowRed EyeshadowRed Eyeshadow
Red Eyeshadow - Application Info You May Not Know

Some friends have said to me the most shocking and simultaneously appealing of all eye shadows is that of red eyeshadow.  They say, their friends who have glowing red eyeshadow is the embodiment of pure immorality and style defying.  If this is your mood for an eye shadow, then lets look at how to get that unbeatable look. If you are a little hesitant to start, use it at first as an eye liner. The effect is nearly the same, but not quite so outrageous.

Firstly, you need to choose the right red colour. Deeper reds like burgundy or maroon can look best on a darker skin while a paler skin can be fascinating with a sharper, brighter colour. Pair your red with a darker colour like charcoal, brown or plum. You can also add a bit of shimmer in the inner corners at a later stage and altogether, this gives you a more enchanting and wearable look. Also, if you pair this with gold’s and blacks, can be pretty and somewhat bold.

The trick of creating alluring eye make-up is the appropriate application. Red eyeshadow application is like any other but here is a tip and hint for you to remember. The colour of your eye shadow should flow smoothly and pleasingly from one shade to the other. To do this you need to use all three of your colours; the base colour, the main colour and the highlighter. Highlight carefully though. The purpose of highlighting your eyes is to complete the effect and not to dominate the red eyeshadow. Dramatic lip gloss can also diminish the effect of your eye shadow. Thick red lips and heavy eye shadow may give you the look of a clown, something you may not desire.

A word of caution though. Red eyeshadow tends to strengthen any redness in your eyes so, if you are tired, then leave the make up for another time. Also, the dye used to make red eyeshadow can sometime set off an eye irritation in certain people.  If you have particularly sensitive skin, first test the product you are using and apply with caution. Finally, there are any number of products on the market supplied through your local shops and on-line. As always, shop around and test the products where possible on your own eyes thinking of skin tone and sensitivity. The cheapest product is not necessarily the best product for you!

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